Power Balancing for Vitality

QiAtsu™ is a great tonic for all seasons, and a great balm for woes it provides a sense of deep relaxation. This treatment promotes good digestion, assimilation of nutrients and smooth elimination. QiAtsu balances the meridians, organs and systems of the body.

QiAtsu™ Power Balancing for Vitality" is a deeply meditative acupressure treatment. It can be performed clothed or draped and balances the body beginning in the Hara (or Dan Tien), the center for energy, movement and posture.

Utilizing the master power points of the body to achieve balance and vitality as well as ~

Improve immune system function
Increase strength
improve flexibility
Decrease aches & pains
Deep relaxation
increase circulation
Soothe the spirit and relieve stress
Stimulate rejuvenation
Increase oxygenation
Balance yin & yang
Improve posture
Balance emotions
increase perception & awareness
Clear the mind

A powerful treatment for energy, strength, harmony, health and vitality.