Essential Lymphatic Performance

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Glowing, fresh skin is your sign of good health

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Glowing, fresh skin is your sign of good health Our lymphatic system is our body's natural immune system. A healthy body fights disease and age, repairs injuries, and repels negative influences naturally. It is also our natural beauty system keeping skin lubricated, glowing and flexible. Our body ages when lymphatics get blocked, through new and old injuries, allergic reactions,
life style stresses and dietary habits.

This treatment is a major key in longevity and rejuvenation. An eclectic technique, it
is a gentle, soft touch treatment - truly meditative in application and results.

The lymphatic system is~

Your natural beauty system

Lubricates your skin and keeps your skin supple and glowing
Healthy skin feeds a beautiful, mind and spirit
Deep relaxation keeps you vibrant and youthful

Your Injury Recovery system

Reduces swelling and endemic constriction
Promotes oxygen, nutrients and fresh blood cells to the injury site
Clears toxins, dead cells and debris
Opens and promotes Qi circulation to speed natural healing
Increases flexibility and mobility

Your Healthy Immune System

Fights disease and delays aging
Repairs injuries rapidly without scar tissue
Repels negative influences naturally
Fights viruses, bacteria, invading organisms
Increases organ function and metabolism
Cleans the blood of toxins and debris

Your Pain Regulator

Immediately reduces the most painful symptoms of injuries and discomforts
Decreases the swelling and pressure around the injury
Speeds wound healing

Youthful, glowing flexibility and increased metabolism promote a clean system, a happy spirit and clear thoughts.