Ampuku Psoas Release

Ampuku Psoas Release is a form of abdominal massage developed in Japan from Chinese sources and is an effective treatment for a variety of health complaints. Ampuku Psoas Release  is a unique and gentle treatment that uses both Eastern and Western techniques and theories.

The focus is on the abdomen (the Hara) and the Psoas muscle as the center of movement and posture, as well as the fulcrum of energy for the whole body ~ mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and energetically. It is the major key to the healthy flexibility of the body.

Ampuku Psoas Release gently works with the Psoas and lliacus muscles to address the lower back muscles, hips and sacral areas. In the lower body, this is a key component in sciatic pain, knee injuries, groin pulls as well as injuries in the feet and ankles.

This is also extremely effective - without pressure- in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, neck pain, TMJ and frozen shoulder in the upper body. In fact, the Psoas and the diaphragm are totally related, so breathing is deeper and heart rate and blood pressure are affected positively as well.

The Hara is the key to our physical body, as well as our mental. emotional, spiritual and energetic being. By unblocking your Hara, the organs function efficiently, the immune system rebuilds and the body and mind function as one. Balance is restored.

Gentle and incredibly effective, this is usually an hour treatment but can require up to 2 more hours.